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What is the Center for Society, Economy, & the Environment?

The environment and the vitality of a community are closely linked. Efforts to strengthen one of these will succeed only when both are considered together. This is the premise for the USU Center for Society, Economy and the Environment (CSEE).

Community leaders strive for diverse, strong economies, and for communities that are socially and environmentally sustainable. In the Intermountain West, we rely on wise decisions about the use of natural resources to make this happen. Many organizations don’t have the means to analyze policy choices or to collect relevant data to determine if decisions about natural resources are creating healthy communities. CSEE is a resource for those who want to know more about these relationships. Our research assists with data collection and analysis, and delivers this information to people who can apply it.

CSEE brings together USU faculty with broad expertise. We make connections among social scientists whose work is focused on environmental and resource issues. We also facilitate connections between social, physical, and natural scientists across campus. Our goal is to increase opportunities for larger, integrated projects that require input from both the biophysical and the social side of research. CSEE also provides funding and training opportunities for students through project-funded research assistantships, fellowships, and internships.



Paul M. Jakus
Department of Applied Economics

Associate Director

Courtney Flint
Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology