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Public Lands and Utah Communities Survey

Richard S. Krannich Institute for Social Science Research, Utah State University 
This report provides a detailed summary of results from a 2007 statewide survey of Utah residents that was designed to assess the variety of ways in which social and economic conditions are linked to public lands and natural resources across the state. Adult residents from each of Utah’s 29 counties were selected at random for participation in the survey, and asked to complete a mailed questionnaire focusing on public land and resource topics. Major topics addressed in the survey included: participation in broad range of public land recreation activities; participation in various non-commercial uses of public land resources; participation in and levels of household dependence on commercial activities associated with public lands and resources; attitudes about the importance of various public land uses and activities for local quality of life; levels of personal identification with and attachment to public land environments; attitudes and preferences regarding the use and management of public land resources; and opinions about and experiences with public land management agencies and the public participation processes that they utilize.

The general population survey results reported here represent just one component of a multi-pronged research project on Socioeconomic Linkages to Public Lands that was conducted during 2006-2008 by an interdisciplinary research team at Utah State University. Other project components included studies of off-highway vehicle use, livestock grazing use, the impacts of wild and scenic river designations, and watershed management issues. An integrated overview of key findings from all of these project components is provided in a separate project report.

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