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OHV Use on Public Lands

Steven W. Burr, Jordan W. Smith, Douglas Reiter Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Utah State University and Paul Jakus, John Keith Department of Economics, Utah State University
This document reports on the social dimensions of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Use in Utah with the intent of informing future recreational and public lands decisions. The document was prepared primarily for the Utah Governor’s Office of Public Lands Policy Coordination, and secondarily for agencies, like the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, and Utah State Parks, that manage Off-Highway Vehicle Use throughout the State.

The report first provides an introduction to the issues and growing concern of OHV use on public lands. The purposes and objectives of this study will then be presented, followed by a report on the survey methodology employed to obtain information. The remainder of the report will engage six topical areas: 1) demographics; 2) OHV owners and trip characteristics; 3) the importance and satisfaction owners place in certain management actions; 4) the owners’ motivations for riding; 5) their environmental attitudes; and 6) their level of specialization within the activity. Included in each of these six topical areas, the questions utilized to solicit information will be presented, results will be analyzed, and a discussion of how future management decisions can utilize this new information will be offered. Areas of potential future research will also be presented in the final summary and discussion section.

Utah State University Logan, UT April 2008